Who Gave You Permission To Rearrange Me......

There are albums that suddenly become appealing, holding their wisdom patiently for the time in your life when you are ready to know it. Albums that you may have tried to "get into" before, maybe time and again, but never really clicked until you've grown, you've changed, you have been on a path that now allows you to GET it. 

I love those albums and the aha! moment of understanding.

Better still, the music I love most of all, has always held appeal, but the meaning grows and deepens and changes with you. The wisdom unfolds slowly, throughout your life, understanding it on one level at one time, and a new level at another point, and a deeper level still, as life goes on. This can happen musically, lyrically, or in the case of timeless albums, both. 

This album has been that for me since I first wore it on repeat more than a decade ago. It calls to the depths of my soul and offers me something new as new depths arise. It is a perfect album and has been speaking to me lately.