Blue Hawk Dream

I had a dream last night that I was walking around my old neighborhood, just as I did as a kid, and a tremendous, gigantic, vibrant BLUE hawk with enormous talons landed on me, wrapped around me as a stole or scarf or something..... and I wasn't afraid of it, I was actually surprised. I had expected it to grab me with those giant talons and lift me up and take me away. So I was just stunned by the weight, the heaviness, the gravity. I could barely walk with him up there, and he wasn't budging.

I called for the neighbor to get his older brother (old friends of mine) and was fairly sure his parents would come out and give me a hand too. 

Do you ever wake up knowing exactly what your dream was trying to communicate to you? The imagery here is pretty straightforward, but I just woke up knowing that I'm stuck in a place where the things that should be lifting me up are weighing me down.

Gonna marinate on that for a minute.