Do Something!


This sums me up in a nutshell. I think its why I love NYC so much, and even Los Angeles, in all of its self-obsessed glory.... I like being around people with ambition, and goals, who don't just talk about doing something or criticize people who are. I like when someone puts a toilet in an art gallery, and I like when someone is busking on the street. I like that Warhol took soup cans and Banksy goes around, and people sit in Starbucks writing screenplays, and people go to open mic nights. I don't think all art is good art, but I do think the act of creating art is equally important to the individual, and to society, whether it is 'good' or 'bad'. I don't "get" Warhol, or the art that has like one blue line on a white canvas, or thrash metal..... and I prefer art which is relatable, not entirely esoteric...that has a thought-out purpose or message. I'm not sure where someone like Miley Cyrus' brand of art begins and ends... how much of her 'antics' are part of the performance..... but I like all of this. 

I have been thinking for years about what, if anything, I could write for "This I Believe".... if I have one conviction strong enough to be summed up in a succinct statement. It was a couple months ago, thinking about this very idea- how I love to be around people who are striving, working toward something, looking to accomplish a goal, that it hit me: I believe in ambition.