Surprise! Surprise!

My first new music video in 7 years is up on my new YouTube page

But lets back it up for a minute. It's a sort-of perfunctory lyric video for a song from "Give Up The Ghost"..... which is 5 years old already. 

So, what gives?

The CRAZIEST thing happened to me the other day. I received a note from someone who had purchased a download of this song, saying something to the effect of "you should get your info on the Dance Moms page- I had a really hard time finding this!" and I was confused, as I have never heard of Dance moms and had no idea what she's talking about.......

God bless the Google! Within a few minutes, I was watching MY SONG as it was broadcast on NATIONAL TV....... 

Yes, folks. You just saw a group of teenagers perform a lovely dance to an ALT song on the Lifetime network show, "Dance Moms". 

I was so fantastically surprised by this. I mean, I'm still laughing about it. I love when life brings wonderfully unexpected things. I figure I better capitalize on it by getting a video of my own up.