This Post is More Than 140 Characters

tweet fire.jpg

I am on Twitter a lot. It is part of my 'day job' and I've been on twitter a lot for the past 4 years on behalf of my clients. I have only recently, however, begun to use it for myself, as my OWN social media manager. 

And for the first time, I really get it. 

I can see why teenagers love it. I can see why celebrities, businesses, and brands love it. I can see why the average person would use their feed as a curated go-to for news and the latest on whatever interests them. But I was still wondering why the average person feels a desire to tweet themselves.... I guess I was thinking about it on a personal level, although, for me, somewhere down the line it uncomfortably blurs from personal to "brand" (if I'm taking this whole thing seriously that is.... and sometimes I am), but presently I have 35 followers. None of whom respond... or @reply or RT or or or.... and I don't care, because 1. really, who cares and 2. that's not the point. But why isn't it the point, if it's all supposed to be so social? 

Anyway the point of all THIS is that I basically analogized it to any other creative endeavor. Not in its effort or inspiration or anything like that, but in our basic human desire to express ourselves. To be heard and understood. In a forum that embraces being as mundane, silly, anxious, or banal as we want to be. That's why it works. 

I'm not saying I love it, but I do like it, and I do finally get it.